Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Hot Yoga, Batman!

Well, I survived my first Bikram yoga class. 90 minutes in a very hot, humid room going through 26ish different postures. I did have to pause about halfway through, during the first set of tree pose, and just sit down for a little while because I was starting to faint. Other than that, everything went really well and I am excited to go again. At the studio close to work, you can do a one month introductory period with unlimited classes for $30. I already have plans for the weekend, so my next class won't be until Monday, but I'm hoping to try out all the different instructors for the convenient time slots so I can decide what will work best for me.

I'm glad I have something to do in addition to running. There are a few upper-body weight lifting exercises, of the push-up and pull-up variety, that I'm hoping to include in my regular workouts, and then I should have the entire body covered. All the activities are weight-bearing, too, which gives me a boost towards preventing osteoporosis.

One thing I did notice about my body's needs today: salt is my friend. Chinese food for lunch tasted extra tasty. I stay well hydrated all day, as the constant trips to both the bathroom and the water cooler can attest, so I'm not drinking significantly more water today than I do normally. It helps that I have a general rule following any sort of serious exertion, whether it is a hot day at the renaissance faire or a hot yoga class: keep drinking water at a reasonable rate until I have to pee.

Personally, one of the other things that Bikram has going for it is the fact that I don't have to wear a lot of clothes. I can go in a sports bra and shortie shorts. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to work out in bulky clothes. Of course, now I need to spend a little time and money shopping for some new sports bras, which I needed anyway, since some of mine are well past retirement age.

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