Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carb Blahs

Due to various circumstances yesterday, I was not able to consume my usual diet, and instead ended up subsisting largely on refined flour. Bread at breakfast, bread and cheese for snack, rice and curry at lunch, and bread with sandwich toppings for dinner. It did not feel good, compared to days when I get all nutrient-dense whole foods. I had zero energy, was in a mood funk all day, and I know I ate a lot more calories than usual, because it's so easy to eat a lot of bread. I was a slug all evening--reading and dozing in bed--but thankfully turned out the lights early and got lots of sleep.

Today is an intermittent fast day, not for weight loss or to punish myself for yesterday's less than stellar food consumption, but simply because I had it already scheduled. I'm sticking to tea during the day, then going home to cook a nice vegetable-filled dinner before heading off to renaissance dance class this evening.

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