Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Week Behind...

...but, as it so happens, hardly a weak behind, what with all the squats and lunges and deadlifts I do.  :)  I estimated today that I've put on roughly 5 pounds of muscle over the past several months, as my measurements are the same as they have been when I weighed 145ish, and I'm currently at 150ish.

Anyway, last week I did something important for my health: I got my regular checkup and cleaning at the dentist.  Way back during my grad school and post-school days, I skipped out on going to the dentist for several years.  Then I spent a couple of years making up for that, both physically and financially.  Dealing with tooth decay is 1) not cheap and 2) not good for you!  Ever since then, I have made a point of find a great dental office and forming a special bond with my dentist, hygenist, receptionist, and anyone else who helps out with my teeth.  Thankfully, I have no actual fear for the dental chair.  I certainly don't enjoy tooth polishing, and I really hate getting shots of novocaine, but I'm adult enough to understand that it's for the greater good.

Moral of the (non-)story is, take care of your teeth, both at home and at the dentist's office!  I'm making a point of flossing every day, and feeling guilty if I don't.

Fall is upon us, and it is inspiring me towards autumn foods.  I have at this moment, transcribed onto scratch paper, three different recipes for grain-free pumpkin muffins.  My plan is to try all of them in sequence in a quest to find the best.  I've also been eating soup on a regular basis, made out of whatever vegetables and bits of meat I have in the fridge, along with my homemade chicken or beef bone stock.  The stock makes all the difference, and, if you have a crock-pot, it's a cinch to prepare.  Obtain bones, cover with water, add a shot of vinegar, and simmer for 8 (chicken) to 24 (cow) hours.  I've ordered special gelatinous bones from my meat CSA, which make amazing stock, but I've also just thrown a leftover chicken carcass in the pot.  Waste not, want not.

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