Friday, September 7, 2012

The cormorant tried to run away

Ran again this morning.  It's been a difficult week for working out: Monday (and all of the weekend) I was outside rehearsing in the heat, sun, and dust, which was incredibly exhausting.  I think I managed to crawl into the gym Tuesday morning, but just did some elliptical.  Wednesday I took off in order to spend the morning cooking a nutritious breakfast and lunch for myself.  Thursday I tried to get in and lift weights, but my body was having none of that, so I ended up rowing for 10 minutes before my muscles would allow a cursory circuit of three upper-body machine.

However, I ran this morning, and it was a good run.  The bay trail near work is flat, and has packed dirt/sand on both sides of the asphalt, so I get to run on earth.  I managed to surprise myself this morning, as I was able to do the "out" of my "out-and-back" run in one go, without stopping to walk and rest.  (About 1 1/3 miles.)  The route all the way to the bridge and back comes out to about 3 1/3 miles, but I haven't quite made it all the way to the bridge yet.  I walked a bit heading back from the halfway point, and then ran back to the start.  Hooray!  And, yes, there was a cormorant out in the bay that decided to spook when I jogged by, and ran away over the water.
I keep remembering the coaching I got from Iron Man (not that Iron Man) way back when I first started running, the pertinent piece of which was to not worry about speed.  When you're training to run distances, work on simply running as slow as you need to in order to keep up the motion without tiring or losing breath, because once that is down you can start building up speed.

No kale for dinner last night, but I did have kohlrabi greens and fennel.

Now, y'all should know that I, like many other women, have serious body issues.  Here I am, strong and fit and shapely, and yet I'm always feeling that I should lose weight.  I think to myself, I should spend a month and cut out all grains, sugar, dairy, etc., or really focus on staying under 1800 calories a day, or [insert diet trend here].  Really what I'd like to do is spend a month eating real foods like a healthy, normal person, and not think about negative body image.

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