Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One of those days

There are times when you go to the gym on a Monday morning, and an exercise which should be totally doable is really difficult--you just can't make it through all the reps of your sets.  Maybe you're still a little tired from a weekend of fun.  Maybe you're hormonal, seriously PMSing, or due to start your period any minute now and in the early stages of cramping.  Maybe you're just having a slightly off day.  That's okay: lots of factors can contribute to not being quite able to lift as much weight as you'd thought.  The important thing is that you're there, in the gym, working out, building up consistency and executing the exercises you can do with the best form possible.  Know that it'll be better next time.

Of course, maybe you're a misremembering squid like me, and put two 10 lb plates on the bar instead of two 5 lb plates, unintentionally trying to lift rather more than your body expected.  Now I *know* it'll be better next time.  On Friday, when I repeat this workout, I can try it with two 5s and two 2.5s, because obviously my muscles are capable of a little more weight, just not quite the jump I tried to do this morning.

Obviously, I was the dumb belle here.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Every once and a while it's good to try and trick your body into performing a bit more than expected. :)