Thursday, June 26, 2014

42 Minutes

Goal for this morning's treadmill workout: 42 minutes of solid running.  (I managed 40 minutes last week.)  And this goal was achieved!

Or, since the World Cup is on:

2 minutes warm-up at 4.0 mph, then started jogging at 6.0 mph, working my way up quickly to do most of the run at 6.3 mph.  As the timer rolled past 44:00, I dropped back down to 4.2 mph to cool down for a bit, after which it was time for some quick stretching.  Overall mileage was ~4.85 miles.

While I was tempted to keep running a bit, as I wasn't completely tired, the fact was that I definitely was tired, so the distance was enough to provide a challenge for me.  As this goes on towards building up longer and longer times ahead of the August deadline, the hardest part may be waking up early enough to reach the gym and run for 50-60 minutes.

Have I recommended Kat Whitfield lately?  She's a personal trainer with an "obvious passion for de-bunking popular fitness and diet myths."  On her website, there are some wonderful analytical and sarcastic diet book reviews, good resources for women in fitness, and her own Free Fitness Industry Guidebook.

My own bullshit detector was set off yesterday.  An interest in the Physical Culture movement that started in the late 19th century had me looking for the works written by an assortment of old-timey muscle men, which led me to one who wrote on isometric exercise.  After determining that my local library system had nothing (total bummer!), I turned to Google and discovered one reasonable-looking website by a trainer in isometric exercise.  However, his statements on how he bulked up in only 7 weeks using isometric muscle contraction, and how anyone can achieve the same results in, as he puts it, "7 seconds a day", really set the BS alarm wailing.  Then he went off on a diatribe about cardio exercise.  (Plus, he wasn't correctly differentiating between "your" and "you're", which I simply can't be having with.)  Can isometric muscle contraction be part of a body-building program?  Certainly.  Is this guy's slick sales pitch worth anything?  Hardly.

Bullshit detection system, activate!

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