Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bloggus Interruptus

Look at the archives. Notice that huge, gaping hole during April and May? That's because all my energy was sucked away by this thing called the "Renaissance Faire." Even though it only takes place on the weekends, it's like having a second full-time job.

Well, it's happening again, this time not even locally, so imagine how much more exhausted I might end up being after driving 6 hours Friday evening, sleeping on the ground, performing all weekend, then driving back home Sunday night and getting up for work the next day. Despite the fact that I really enjoy playing my violin and I love many of the people, I am really not looking forward to this season.

Can we say, "burnout"?

In any case, I'm trying to be as healthy as I can. I've packed some fairly healthy instant soups (split pea and black bean), along with nuts, dried fruits, Lara bars, and Annie's Naturals cheese crackers. (They're in the shape of little birds. I love birds. The second faire dress I made is in a color that can only be described as "baby duck yellow". Contrast that with my third dress, colloquially known as "emergency traffic sign yellow".) I've also got a gallon of water and some nice ginger lemongrass green tea. I'm hoping to minimize as much as possible the fast food that I'll be eating; we'll see how well that works out.
Sunday mornings will be devoted to running around the site. A good 3-4 miles, out under the trees, on reasonably natural dirt, with hills. Really looking forward to it, even though I know the hills are going to kick my butt.

So, just a warning that there may not be any updates for a while. We'll just have to see how it goes.

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