Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm using lots of Awesome today.

For my workout this morning I lifted some heavy things (including myself)!  It involved push-ups, body-weight rows, military presses, pull-ups, and a little bit of dead lifting.  Plus 22 minutes biking.  I'm able to do at least 6 push-ups in a set; we're talking full-body push-ups, balanced on my toes.  This morning I did 2 sets of 8, with the last two reps pushing up from the knees and moving back down from the toes.  A negative push-up, as it were.  Still good for training and building up muscle!  The body-weight rows are what's been kicking my ass lately; I feel as though I should be able to do a lot more than just 7 or 8 reps.  Once I see some progress in the weeks ahead, I'll feel better about it.

We ran the routine a few times in folklorico last night, and our teacher commented that I was the only one who is performance-ready.  Certainly, I'd like to be able to give the other ladies any help that I can, so we all have a good performance, but at this point they really just need to practice and feel comfortable with the steps and music.  The most challenging thing for me about folklorico is the way the rhythm of the steps fits in to the rhythm of the music--sometimes there is an odd little counterpoint, so you have to dance three against four, or six against four, etc.  In our choreography, I've heard the music often enough to know when the key changes are, so I'm both physically and mentally prepared for them.

I'd like to give props to a couple of fabulous ladies whose blogs I've been reading over the years.  They would be Stumptuous and GoKaleo.  Each has assembled an amazing amount of simple, useful, and science-based information about fitness, weight lifting, nutrition, and health, plus assorted assertive feminist commentary.  It's all very health-centric, as opposed to thin-centric, which is really important in my world.  Go check 'em out to learn something new every day.

It's been a very stressful and busy day at work today.  Everyone is needing just a little bit too much from me.  I've been focused on my essential awesomeness as a way to get through the day, and finding opportunities to smile and laugh wherever I can.  Positive thoughts yield positive results!  However, I am looking forward to the time when I'm able to leave work, stop by the hardware store for some planting supplies, and spend some time this evening puttering in my garden.

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