Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just a normal Wednesday

I learned a valuable lesson last night: running on Sunday + high heels on Monday + morning workout on Tuesday = tired ankles in folklorico class.  Of course, learning this lesson doesn't mean I'm actually going to do anything about it.  Maybe not try to break in new high heeled shoes the day after a run.

Otherwise, folklorico class was great, as usual!  Plus, like most forms of dance, it's a serious workout.  So much of the steps, to be done properly, must be done with bent knees, so one's leg muscles are really working to control all the movements.  Having to constantly hold up one's skirt in the left hand while twiddling a scarf in the other hand takes care of the upper body.

This morning it was time for weights.  I didn't have the mental energy to get too creative, so I went with my old standby routine, The New Spartacus Workout.  Of course, like everything, I modify it whenever I choose.

1A) Plank with alternating leg lift
1B) Alternating sword chop, 15 lbs
1C) Side lunge with downward dumbbells, 20 lbs
2A) Single-leg deadlift, 40 lbs
2B) Curl and shoulder press, 40 lbs
2C) Goblet squat, 35 lbs
3A) Bent-over alternating row, 40 lbs
3B) Assisted pull-up, 45 lbs/60 lbs
3C) Dumbbell deadlift, 50 lbs

I discovered that trying to do pull-ups after bent-over rows was using too many of the same muscles without enough rest in between.  So I either need to a) not substitute in pull-ups or b) figure out a better place in the sequence to do them.  Or c) add a fourth block to the sequence, in which to do pull-ups and, say, farmer's walk.

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