Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Running Workout

On August 16th, I will be running a 12K on Angel Island.  I can barely run 2 miles right now, let alone 7+, therefore lots of running training will be happening over the next few months.  Since my weight lifting days are MWF, that leaves Tues and Thurs for running at the gym in the mornings, and my choice of a longer run on Sat or Sun.

Because my time at the gym is limited (since I have yet to successfully wake up at 6 a.m. in order to spend 90 minutes at the gym, and I don't intend to start trying any time soon), the running training days there are about intensity rather than duration.

Pattern = 30 seconds jog + 20 seconds run + 10 seconds sprint.  Since I was trying this out for the first time today, my jog was 6.0 mph, run was 6.3, and sprint was 6.6 mph.

Overall workout
0-4 mins: walk @ 4.0 mph
4-9 mins: pattern 5x
9-11 mins: walk @ 4.2 mph
11-16 mins: pattern 5x
16-18 mins: walk @ 4.2 mph
18-23 mins: pattern 5x
23-25 mins: walk @ 4.2 mph
25-30 mins: pattern 5x
30-32 mins: walk @ 4.2 mph
32-35 mins: pattern 3x
35-39 mins: walk @ 4.2 down to 4.0 mph
Then stretching for 5-6 mins.

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't very difficult either, so I think I can crank things up the next time I do this, increasing 0.1 mph for my jog, run, and sprint rates.  I'll need to spend a little time massaging my legs when I get home this evening--I can feel shin splints starting on the right.

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