Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Face Forward

Last Wednesday, I partook of a 30-minute facial at the Indulgence Day & Med Spa near my house. It was my first one ever. Being not so girly in general, and afraid of what too much treatment could do to my sensitive, easily-reddened skin, I'd just never been very inclined to receive a facial. However, it was a very good experience, and it could turn into a monthly thing.

One thing my aesthetician was adamant about was washing twice a day, and at each of those, washing your face twice. She has the same oily, breakout-prone skin that I do, and her experience and education taught that the first washing takes care of the layer of oil, and the second wash actually clears the dirt from one's skin. Then you apply toner (which I don't) and moisturize as usual.

So, for the next month, I will be conducting this two-wash, twice-daily face cleaning regimen and seeing if there is any significant difference in the condition of my skin. I am rather fond of the cleanser that I have right now (Avalon Organics lavender facial cleansing milk). Yes, it's for dry to normal skin, but I like to maintain that I have sensitive skin first, and oily skin second, because the cleansers for oily skin seem just too harsh for me. I actually started this washing procedure last Thursday, and so far so good.

My eating habits have been very lax over the past couple of weeks. Way too much snacking, not enough real food. I've got a pool party in two weeks, so it's definitely time to tone back up. I'm scheduled to run tomorrow, and I'm going to try out a local yoga studio on Wednesday. I'll keep y'all posted to how that goes.

In other news, confession time: I have see the A-Team movie twice in less than two weeks, because I have a huge crush on Sharlto Copley. I'm going to get on Google and see if I can find out how tall he is.

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