Sunday, July 25, 2010

I must, I must!

Decided to mix things up a little today, in more ways than one. Scheduled myself to run 30 minutes, so I looked up a new route, and found one at a large local park: two different loops, a little over 3 miles total distance on roads and bike paths (of course I went off-road), surrounded by green spaces and a large pond. The park was local enough that I decided to turn this into a biathlon, and ride the bike there.

Total: 7 miles biking (in two blocks of 3.5 miles before and after), 3 miles running.

I'll definitely be doing this combo again. Biking there was pretty safe, as it was mostly residential streets and bike lanes all the way. Plus, if I want more distance on the bike I can either do a loop or two around the park or go up and down the canal a bit. The run also lends itself well to increasing distance because of the ability to mix and match pathways through the park. There are also a few restrooms, just in case. The only con is that I could not find any drinking fountains, so next time I'll have to bring some water.

There was an added bonus on this run. Maybe it was some endorphins kicking in around mile 2.5, but I think it was seeing the ducks and herons around the pond that made the last bit of the run very pleasant and remarkably easy. The first mile was totally harder than the last mile. I'm always happier when there's waterfowl around.

I have some sad news to report, relating to the post title. I think my bust has officially shrunk! I used to be able to basically fill up a B cup, but I discovered while bra shopping yesterday that I'm most definitely an A. Le sigh. The problem is that my rib cage is fairly big around, so my ideal bra size is 36A. Who even sells that size? All the 36's I see start at B. Thank goodness for the interwebs. On the bright side, though, I can wear all the kickin' halters and tiny strappy tops I want.

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