Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good sand and bad sand

Today was a day of bad sand. There I was, fresh from my massage and chiropractic adjustment, in my new pair of black shorts, ready for a nice long run on the beach. The beach was fairly unrunnable. (Yes, I know that's not a word.) While I understand the phases of the moon and the gravitational pull between the moon and the ocean, I've never learned about tides. I'd have to say that, this afternoon, the tide was...high...because the water was higher up on the sand than usual. However, whether it was coming in or heading out is beyond my expertise. All I know is that the water had created little hills of sand, so the seashore was fluted like a pie crust.

And covered in piles of seaweed. Piles.

And also covered in fruit. Seriously, I don't know how the fruit gets onto the beach at Belmont Shore. I saw apples, oranges, mangoes, and three or four watermelon halves.

So I managed to do 40 minutes: dodging piles of kelp; running barefoot over tiny, jagged shells; slogging my way through deep, dry sand. Not the most pleasant run, but really any day I get to go running on the beach gets a smiley face in my book.

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