Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretend it's this past Tuesday

This is what I got to do this past Tuesday evening:
Sit comfortably in the shade at the park, listening to fantastic band music. The first half was all marches (some classical, some modern) and the second half was more jazz/big band/vocal music. For me, the best part about it was the feeling of quintessential, small-town America: all the neighborhood families gathered in the park to enjoy a picnic and live music. There were babies and old folks alike, out on chairs and blankets, loving the summer.

I had to pack a hasty picnic for myself. I wanted something light and summery, but still nutritious fuel after my 3.5 mile run.

A nice big hunk of watermelon (working on my third whole melon so far this summer) and an open-face egg salad sandwich on a whole-wheat english muffin. Here's how I make my egg salad: finely chop one stalk celery and one hard-boiled egg. Transfer to a bowl and add enough of your favorite mustard so that it binds together. That's it! Of course you can add salt and other seasonings as needed, or some type of mayonnaise-like substance, but I don't have any of the latter in my fridge, so I go with the three simple ingredients. The lady next to me commented that it looked like "girl food"; that is, the simple, light fare that her husband just wouldn't eat. Too bad for him--it was all I wanted for my picnic!

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