Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Round and Round She Goes

Today was my first day of running on the track at the university. I wasn't sure whether it was open to the public, so I just casually walked in, and figured it was okay since no one threw me out. My workout was plain, timed 30 minutes of running with a bit of something different: periodic bursts of speed. On each lap, as I came to the straight section on the west side, I would run faster and switch from a mid-foot strike to a fore-foot strike. Basically imagining that I was some type of lithe African antelope.

I realized that the track was, indeed, open to public use when I found myself surrounded by a bunch of folks in Sole Runners t-shirts. There were about 40 of them, having a training session. I had to dodge them on occasion, because they were all over the place! Plus, a number of them were using special watch/running metronome gadgets on their wrists. They produce a beeping noise which I found rather annoying, because I thought at first my iPod was acting up on me.

Today's run soundtrack: Faraualla

Getting a massage tomorrow. I'm interested to see just what my legs feel like these days, and whether I work well with this new therapist.

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