Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did a little something different for yesterday’s run (~3.6 miles). I left the iPod at home and focused instead on just enjoying the lovely evening. The sun is setting later and later, giving me just a few more minutes of light each time I go out. Last night there was, here and there, a cool evening breeze bringing me the scents of burning leaves (blech), early spring flowers (mmmm), and even hot spiced cider (tasty).

Note to self: buy some apple cider at the farmers’ market this weekend, and track down some cinnamon sticks.

I have no idea how much I weigh right now, since I haven’t stepped on a scale in about four months. Even though all my clothes fit okay, I look pudgier in the mirror, the result of winter’s excesses. While I don’t feel an overwhelming compulsion to lose weight in order to fit some outer ideal, I do feel the need to ensure that I’m at an efficient weight for all the physical activities I want to do. Face it: the less weight I’m carrying around, the easier I’ll be able to run. However, it’s all about good nutrition, eating whole foods, and listening to my body.

Looking at a half marathon trail run near Santa Cruz, CA in late August. The altitude changes scare me a little, because there’s nothing quite like running up a steep incline, but I like running on dirt, out in the trees.

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