Friday, January 21, 2011

Grocery dilemma

Good runs on Tuesday and Thursday this week. First was just about 3 miles, second was about 3 1/2. I should keep track of them on or similar. Tomorrow morning is the long adventure run, since I'm able to do it in full daylight. I'm heading out to the local county park, which might have some actual dirt trails for fabulous earth running. There's a 2.2 mile loop, plus the mileage on the streets to get there, so my run should be about 4 miles.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's visit to my local farmers' market. I haven't been out to buy real fruits and vegetables in ages, so it should be a good time. After reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and discovering the existence of huge, monoculture organic farms, I had a tough time buying spinach at Whole Foods the other night, because it came from Cal-Organic. Still, but slightly less, mentally and emotionally wracking was trying not to buy anything in packaging. I wandered up and down the aisles, seeing for myself what a huge market has been formed for organic processed foods. That evening, I think I left with carrots and apples from the produce section, brown rice and black-eyed peas from the bulk foods (in bags I'd brought myself), a pot scrubber, a quart of enriched unsweetened almond milk, and two whole-wheat rolls from the bakery. There may have been more items in my basket, but I can't remember. Shopping's tough when you care so much about what you buy! I'll have to see where I'm willing to compromise.

Feeling totally fat and bloated today; I'm hoping it's hormone-related water retention and will all go away after next week. At least until it cycles around again.

Hoping to start up with ballet and tap at a local dance studio. I need to take "placement" classes, so they know what to do with me, I suppose. I mean, I could tell them: beginning ballet, beginning tap. It's been so long since I've done either. They have a strict dress code, too, which makes me wonder whether it'll be the right combination of discipline and fun for me.

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