Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Resolution!

I don't bother much with massive, life-changing resolutions. I believe in taking small steps. There was some real soul-searching involved in my resolution for this year, since I wanted to make it a real, meaningful accomplishment.

For 2011, I resolve to floss every day.

I made this resolution on Wednesday the 12th. So far I'm two for two. :)

Going for a run this afternoon. Did 3 miles on Wednesday (it was rough!) and planning another 3 miles for today. This time with the iPod, just so I have a distraction and mood-booster. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed my quiet 5K on Weds, I was just really dragging by the end. Gotta keep up with training for that half-marathon this year.

Read about Paleo and Fruititarian diets these days, both from blogs wherein it changed the person's life, so it's the diet they think everyone should be on. I, of course, find it interesting that one person can (allegedly) thrive eating a ton of meat while the other (allegedly) thrives on eating a ton of fruit. Just goes to show me that no one way of eating is for everyone, except the general caveat of "eat real food". I'm sticking with that concept, working on eliminating anything that goes through a massive chemo-industrial process in order to render it fit for consumption.

I could use more restful sleep at night, but otherwise, life is good! Especially since I had kale for lunch, and that kale was lacinato, a.k.a. "dinosaur" kale. Rawr!

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