Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Good Time for Soup

My boyfriend was sick last week; I refused to not spend time with him, so now I've come down with whatever virus he had. Blah! What I hate the most is the first couple of days, when my throat becomes totally inflamed and it hurts to eat, drink, or perform any ordinary swallowing of any kind. I can tell that I'm fairly ill, too, because I'm not eating. This morning I managed a clementine and two bites of egg, then I just couldn't stomach any more.

Thank goodness for leftover soup! Typically when I make a batch (because any soup recipe is going to make much more than a single person can consume in a few days) I will put at least one serving in the freezer. It's so handy for those occasions when I don't have the time or ingredients to pack a lunch in the morning. I'm hoping that when midday comes around, I'll be able to handle a little lentil & chard stew.

The virus has also gotten to my brain, since I forgot my purse this morning. D'oh! The most immediate annoyance is that I don't have any lip balm. The secondary annoyance is that I'll have to drive past the grocery store to get home in order to obtain my wallet so that I can drive back to the grocery store in order to buy juice. I'm thinking now that, likely, I'll drive home and take a nap, and then take care of business once I've had a little rest. At least I'm not completely useless at work today.

Related to soup, I've discovered another food blog to follow: Heartland Renaissance. I was lured in by a recipe for Homemade Vegetable Bouillon. Totally on my list of things to try, especially since the ingredient list is so simple. Then it would be ready, in the fridge, for the next time boyfriend or I have a cold.

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  1. Wow, that homemade Veggie Bouillon looks awesome!