Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I want to make

The Polish in me is itching to bake this: Deb's Black Bread. Then I want to make my own yogurt cheese, blend it up with dill, and spread it on the bread. Then I think a side of Rotkohl will finish things off nicely. There might have to be just a tiny glass of vodka involved.

Thinking of these foods makes me miss my Grandma. She passed away in '03. She grew up in New York--one of many Polish-American Catholics there. Of course, when I knew her, out in Southern California, traditional Polish foods were not a big part of her life. :) When she was living with my parents for a couple years at the end, we noticed the way she'd put a thick layer of butter on her bread. I remember visiting her at one point, I must have been a young teenager, and she made macaroni and cheese from scratch. Having grown up with only the boxed version, mac 'n' cheese made from actual macaroni and cheese was so amazing! She loved to play cards, and taught us kids so many different poker variations.

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