Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote of the Day

Just found a new blog that I'd like to read more of: Whole Health Source. Today's quote comes from an old post, from June 2009, discussing studies on the Mediterranean Diet.

Stephan writes, "Mediterranean countries don't need industrial goop to avoid a heart attack, and neither do you."

I think this could be carried over to the concept that you don't need industrial goop to lose weight. Quite the contrary. I remember an acquaintance who was trying to lose weight, and on a particular day she was snacking on some kind of Atkins-style commercial drink. (Incidentally, on that same day, I decided to eat 12 servings of fruits and vegetables.) The drink had a long, long list of ingredients, all of them artificial and processed. How can your body do anything good with those?

As always, I feel it's whole foods for the win.

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