Tuesday, January 29, 2013


OMG, so there I was, scooping the leftover carcass bits out of a crock-pot full of chicken stock, and I decided to get some of the meaty bits still clinging to the bones to add to my dinner.  The skeleton had been boiling for nearly 24 hours, and one of the bones--a humerus, I think--broke in my hand.  First I was just like, "Man, these are some fragile bones," and then I was all like, "Bone marrow!  Awesome!"  Of course, the bones were way too frail for me to adequately extract the marrow with a bamboo skewer, like a chimp poking a stick into an anthill.  So I just crushed them a little and dropped them back into the pot to simmer for another couple of hours.  Just means that I'll have to strain it for real through a sieve, rather than with the slotted spoon, in order to get all the broken bone slivers.  Soon all that delicious fat and iron will be mine!

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  1. Dude, that's a GREAT idea. I'm totally doing this next time I make chicken (carcass) broth.