Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stumptuous = Stupendous

Today I'd like to share one of the blogs/information websites I enjoy very much, and, obviously, highly recommend to you.  It is


See, it's so awesome, it deserves its own color and gigantic size.  Mistress Krista has put together a lovely site full of

Weight lifting
Workout ideas
Inspirational stories
Basics of supportive eating
How to get started in weight lifting
Creative weight lifting of ordinary household objects
Rants on "kids/diets/craziness/etc. these days"
Weight lifting for all ages

Oh, and did I mention weight lifting?  In a nutshell, the way I see Mistress Krista is along the lines of, "Life can be tough.  We all make mistakes along the road to our true selves.  Ya know what helps me focus?  A solid clean-and-jerk.  You'll feel better after some squats.  Get to it."  Then she pats you on the head while pointing towards the dumbbells.

I seem to have very nearly signed up for a 5 mile Mud Run come late March.  Just need to make the registration official.  With that in mind, I'd changed up my training a bit and returned to the...ugh...treadmill.  I only have to run indoors as long as it is still dark in the mornings during weekdays.  Thankfully I can run/hike/gambol through the county park on weekends (when I'm not being too much of a social butterfly.)

Just for funsies, here's a picture of me juggling at the Edwardian Ball last weekend.  I love this outfit so much--mostly because I imagined it burning the retinas of all the goth wanna-bes.  And the skirt is so poofy!

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