Monday, January 7, 2013

Recipe success!

The malfatti went over a treat, I think, and the tomato sauce was just dandy.  So I have achieved some level of Italian cuisine success.  Hooray!  What's awesome is that I now have lots of tomato sauce stored up, which is perfect for making one of my favorite dishes, Vegetables Maddalena.

Vegetables Maddalena

Tomato sauce

Preparation instructions: cook your vegetables however you like.  Steam that broccoli, roast that cauliflower, saute those fennel bulbs!  Pour sauce over.  Serve it forth.  Really, the vegetables provide a medium by which to consume tomato sauce; just like pasta, except with a lot more nutrition.  Plus it's easy to add some protein: homemade sausage, chicken parts, giant lima beans, some asiago fresco cheese.

Did not get enough sleep last night, so I gave myself the evening off from any sort of chores.  Probably a good idea, considering that I'm still awfully sore from all the delightful extra exercising I've been able to undertake lately.  It was a little bit of an easy weightlifting session this morning--even though I did 3 sets of 6 reps of pull-ups with a 30 pound assist.  I also discovered that if I elevate my heels just a bit, using one of the 3/4" foam mats at the gym, my squat form is so much better.  I'm really focused on form right now, but once that is solid I'll get back to lifting heavy things.

Tomorrow after work I'm heading off to my first dance class in months--a beginning ballet class at the Peninsula Ballet Theatre in San Mateo.  I declared that 2013 would be all about joy, and there is nothing more joyous to me that the sheer pleasurable freedom of movement.

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