Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Body,

Dear Body,

  First up, thanks so much for effectively squashing that cold I felt coming on Sunday.  A few days of sniffles I can certainly handle, especially with the aid of an array of Ricola-brand lozenges.  Also, big props to you for continuing to support my efforts at the gym.  Those were two good negative pull-ups this morning, and the squats are really coming along.  Plus you totally kept up on the cycling intervals.  Just wait and see what sort of fun I have in store for you tomorrow morning.

  Sorry about the stress these days.  Deadlines at work are getting to me, and that tension headache this afternoon was not helpful for either of us.  Thank goodness I keep all that tea in my desk cupboard, eh?  Yeah, I felt you relaxing as I poured the first cup.  Sorry about the dry winter air, too.  I've just refilled the humidifier here at home to make things a bit easier.

  In gratitude for your continual positive efforts on my behalf, I'd like to say that I'll continue to feed you nutritious food (including lots of protein to make up for the muscles I deliberately break down MWF), give you at least eight hours for sleep, and move you around as much as possible every day.

  Lots of love--


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